Monday, August 25, 2008

Evaluation Research: A New Take

So, I had a conversation with the Chair of my Dissertation Committee today (and yes, she does deserve capitalization!). She and I were discussing our evaluation research class, and the inclusion of the blog. We were looking at the blog and reviewing the objectives of the class, and an epiphany occurred . . . I have set this blog up all wrong . . . like any good Chair, she let me come to this conclusion myself . . . therefore, I have switched things around a bit.

Now, I will be posting articles and news stories that relate to evaluating evaluative research. If you guys look at the powerpoint on Evidence Based Practice, you will notice that one of the last steps in this process is a practitioner learning to evaluate reserach that is relevant to their practice. Therefore, I have switched some verbage in the blog, and now feel like I have a better grip on things.

Check back for updated posts upon which you can comment!


Gina Smith said...

Hey Josh! This is my first time to blog and I may have to contact you several times before I get it right. It is great to see evaluation research put into practice as you have done so in creating this blog. I think it is a strength and asset to be able to assess our own practices and be able to recognize that our first attempt (or first 10 attempts)may need reevaluating and adjustments to provide services that are in our clients best interest. I am looking forward to this class and know that it will be a great learning experience. Gina S. (Gadsden)

jefN said...

This is pretty cool! I'm sure that I will get it figured out by December. Do you want us to post as comments or to post on our blog?

lucky girl said...

Hey Josh,
This is Stacey. I am a first time blogger, so I am there with Gina. Many tries to figure out how to get this to you. But maybe I am on the right track. I look forward to taking what was learned in research one and adding it to the current research class. Thanks for setting up this blog. Have a great weekend. Stacey L

Sara said...

Hi Josh,
I like many other people in our class am a first time blogger. I think it’s a great idea to use blogs in a research class. It will make things more interesting and enjoyable (not that research isn't exciting enough on its own). I am already enjoying the blog much more that the elearning discussion board. I am looking forward to learning more about research and how to use it in my everyday life, and social work practice. Thanks for setting this up for us. Sara S. (Tuscaloosa)

scarlett holt said...

Although I am not a fan of research (no offense intended), I do understand the significance of evaluating methods of intervention that have been successful with clients, including evaluating research that is relevant to [my] practice. As you will be posting articles/news stories that pertain to evaluating evaluative research (isn't that a mouthful?!?), I am certian that I will find many topics of interest to comment on...
Another nervous, first-time blogger,
Scarlett H.

Anonymous said...

This is also my first time to blog but so far so good. Good job Josh!
Donna A

Anonymous said...

Josh, it did help to think of the blog as similiar to the discussion board as you suggested. When I think of it that way it is not so intimidating.
I am Looking forward to improving my critical thinking skills in evaluating what I do and the work of others.

Good job. Very creative!
-Matt G.(The Great Gadsden)-it actually says that on a sign driving into town